What are your check-in and check-out times?

Check in: after 13:00

Check out: since 12:00 till 13:00

If you wish to stay in the apartment till 18:00, you will pay half night extra.
If you want to leave the apartment later than 18:00, you will pay one night extra.
If we have possibility we always permit free early check-ins from 9:00. We know about this in 24 hours till arrival or departure date.

Does the booking deposit cover one-night stay or this deposit is something paid on the top?

The booking deposit covers one-night staying. So, if you send the booking deposit for the apartment, for example, for 5 nights, upon arrival you`ll need to pay for 4 remaining nights only.

Can I change dates if booking was already done?

Yes, you can, if there is more than 5 from the booking date and we will have available apartments for the new dates.

Can I change apartment after booking is completed?

Yes, you can, if we will have a possibility to give you another one.

What is your booking cancellation policy?

We operate limited amount of apartments and make our schedule in advance. Every booking cancellations made in short notice (less than 3 days before start of booking) is very painful for us:
—  we refund full booking cancellations which was made in period more than 3 days till the booking time begins;
—  in case of cancellation in period from 3 till 1 days till the booking date we will refund 50% of booking charge;
—  if booking cancellation takes place in less than 1 days till arrival period we will not able to refund booking charge.

How can I book the specific apartment?

You may book a specific apartment by sending us a booking deposit in the amount of one-night sanding or another amount agreed with us. Before sending money, please make sure that this apartment is available for your period.
When we reached the deposit, we will immediately confirm you the booking.

Is it possible to make booking without prepayment?

Yes, if the specific apartment will be still available for your period.
In other way it will be tipical apartment only.

What is included in apartments price?

All taxes are included, there are no other hidden extra charges or fees.

Bed linen, towels, kitchen equipment, iron and iron board.
Hot and cold water, electricity, TV, WiFi.
One-in-3-days apartment cleaning and changing of bed linen and towels.

What is not included in apartments price?

All international and all cell phone calls.
Food and water delivery, cooking, loundry services.
Airport and railway station transfers.
All this services can be available with additional charge.

What happens if something becomes broken in apartment on my fault?

You must pay the cost of repearing or even full replacement of the broken subject.